Dizi Flute Bamboo Chinese Tuned in A C D E F G

  • $79.00

  • Dizi Made of bamboo also called " Chinese Bamboo flute". 
  • They are blown across the hole. Often they are played with diverse techniques, e.g.circular breathing, overtones, "flying-finger" trill, phlyphony, flattering and double tongue. 
  • Additional to the blow hole and the six finger holes the dizi has another hole, the mokong. 
  • Over the hole a very thin bamboo or rice paper membrane is fixed by a little bit of spit. 
  • This makes a nasal buzzing sound that's resposible for the really unique timbre of a dizi.
  • Length: 29-33 inch. Diameter: 1 inch  Weight: 8 OZ