Handcrafted Djembe Drums - Carved Flamme Collection - Authentic Sound- Perfect for Beginners and Pros 10" 12' 16" 20" 24" tall.

  • $42.00

● Discover the captivating rhythms of the Djembe Beginner Carved Flamme Collection! Handcrafted with passion and expertise in Indonesia, these remarkable drums are perfect for aspiring percussionists and seasoned players alike.

● Carved from a single piece of luxurious mahogany wood, each drum boasts intricate carvings that add a touch of elegance and individuality. No two drums are alike, making them truly unique works of art.

● Embrace the authentic sound of Africa with the popular entry-level model featuring a premium white goatskin head. This combination produces rich, resonant tones that will elevate your musical experience to new heights.

● The Flamme-style carvings grace the bottom of each drum, adding a mesmerizing visual appeal that perfectly complements the soulful beats you'll create. These drums are more than just instruments; they are expressions of creativity and culture.

● Choose from five different sizes to suit your preferences and playing style: