gong 24 inches 5KG

  • $389.00

Elevate your spiritual practice, sound therapy sessions, or home décor with our Traditional Chau Gong with Target Appearance from Wuhan. Available in 24 inches in diameter—this gong is meticulously crafted to deliver a rich, resonant sound that soothes the soul and invigorates the mind.

Handcrafted in Wuhan, renowned for its centuries-old gong-making tradition, this Chau gong features a distinctive target design with a bold black center and outer rings, adding a striking aesthetic and a captivating visual effect during play. Ideal for meditation, yoga, sound therapy, and musical performances, it produces deep, harmonic tones for a calming and immersive auditory experience.

This versatile gong includes a sturdy hanging cord and a complementary mallet for immediate use and easy installation in any space. Perfect for musicians, therapists, and anyone looking to incorporate tranquility and beauty into their environment.

●      Material: High-Quality Metal with Traditional Target Design

●      Sizes: 24 inches

●      Origin: Wuhan

●      Included: Gong, Hanging Cord, Mallet